Window Cleaner New Plymouth Before and After

Window Cleaner New Plymouth Before and After

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning is what made us a local favorite. Our new school approach of gently scrubbing your windows from the ground using our portable di-ionized water system leaves your windows with a spot free finish that lasts longer than a traditional soap and mop centered cleaning process. Because there’s no need for ladders, some of Taranaki’s most beautiful estate properties in New Plymouth, Bell Block, Inglewood and Stratford have chosen us to care for their unique, hard to access architectural designs. From Rest Homes to Shop fronts to large commercial buildings and Residential buildings, we can professionally and reliably handle any window cleaning job both inside and outside.

Low Pressure House Washing

Soft Washing of your home is the safe alternative to traditional pressure washing. Just like our ladder-less window cleaning, soft washing is much safer, lasts longer and gets the job done better than a more dangerous pressure washing of your siding. How does it work? The secret is in our low pressure application of a pre-soaking solution that gets the job done right! This solution is plant safe, kills 100% of the algae it touches and emulsifies the dirt that has been building up over the years. We then use a “soft wash” to rinse the dirt away, leaving your home cleaner than you’ve ever known it to be.